NBS Mobile Free Biblical Storytelling Lessons

Welcome to NBS Mobile!


The Network of Biblical Storytellers is passionate about the art and spiritual practice of learning and sharing biblical stories - God's stories, which are also our stories - by heart. This series of videos shares a number of ways to learn and tell the stories.


If you have questions or neat stories to share about biblical storytelling, please ask to join the NBS Mobile group on Facebook or the NBS TOGether: The Online Guild community on Google+. Learning and telling are great fun with a friend, or a community!

Introduction video        (If English isn't your heart language)


1. The baptism of Jesus - Repetition         (More help on this story)


2. The birth of Jesus - Movement         (More help on this story)


3. Peter's call and the fish - Visualizing         (More help on this story)


4. The paralyzed man - Geography         (More help on this story)


5. The Good Neighbor - Song or rap         (More help on this story)


6. Two women healed - Culture links          (More help on this story)


7. Stilling the storm - Personal links         (More help on this story)


8. Blind Bartimaeus - Praying the story         (More help on this story)


9. The crucifixion - Pacing, volume, tone          (More help on this story)


10. The lost sheep &  coin - Tandem telling         (More help on this story)


11. The resurrection - Acting on the story!         (More help on this story)


12. Teaching others to tell!          (Come share with us!)